Masters Final Research Project, UBC Graduate School of Journalism

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With approximately 51,000 members, the Guarani are currently Brazil’s largest tribe, accounting for a fifth of the country’s indigenous population. In recent years they have caught the media’s attention, as a movement to recover traditional land spread across the western states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná. This project focused on the Guarani communities surrounding Guaíra, a small town on the border between Brazil and Paraguay. Throughout the year I collected and documented the life stories of indigenous peoples in the region, as they fought to repossess traditional land. The photos below showcase some of my work in this project. They were published by Outside-in, an International Relations Photo Journal from the University of British Columbia.


SMARTTLab, UBC Graduate School of Journalism

The SMARTTLab is an interdisciplinary center at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism dedicated to understanding the way in which the existence and use of social networks change how journalists and audience interact. As a research assistant my job responsibilities consist of supporting student and faculty research and professional project, through data analysis, research design, literature reviews, and web publishing.


Published Academic Papers:

A Twitter Influence Analysis of #dylanfarrow, #woodyallen Over Allegations of Historic Child Sexual Abuse, by Mary Lynn Young, Alfred Hermida and Emi Sasagawa

Presented at the International Association for Media and Communication Research Gender and Communications Conference, in Montreal.

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